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We build high quality stuff that lasts for years using a process we truly believe in. The products we create actually have an impact in people's lives. We have fun while doing that. You'll land in a place like no other, where everyone's contribution is valued equally. We like to get things done as a team and build a work environment that encourages creativity and personal development.

Life is short, work somewhere awesome.

Lets see how we can help each other grow, shall we?

Digital Marketing Expert

As a marketing expert you will translate strategy, tone of voice and services into a marketing roadmap. Supported by an external marketing partner and the organisation you are responsible for the timely delivery and publication of blog posts, market feedback, testimonials, Analytics, social media posts, marketing & sales content, etc.

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Experienced Digital Project Manager

Time flies, but you are the pilot. We are looking for a kick-ass Digital Project Manager to help out with all of our projects.

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Experienced JavaScript Developer

As a JavaScript developer, you like to create nice and high-quality digital products, for any existing or future medium.

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Experienced Mobile App Developer

As a mobile app developer, you like to create nice and high-quality native apps, using React Native and PWA’s using JavaScript.

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Experienced Javascript Application Developer

As a JavaScript application developer / architect, you like to create big and complex applications that require critical out-of-the-box thinking. You can translate functional requirements, provided by clients, in clear technical directives that are future proof and can be picked up by other developers easily. You like to work in team and you are good in converting their input and ideas into the the best possible architecture.

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Are you looking for an internship where you can experiment with the latest technologies or let your creativity run wild in the UI/UX or 3D department? 🚀

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