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Studio Hyperdrive is an experienced digital development studio focused on all things JavaScript, UI/UX, 3D and unity. Already 40 strong, we are based in Kontich and Ghent.

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Are you looking for an internship where you can experiment with the latest technologies or let your creativity run wild in the UI/UX or 3D department? 🚀 We have a desk available for a passionate web enthusiast who likes to learn more about creating (web) apps at our office in Kontich or Ghent.

You'll also get the chance to work on real digital creations for A-brands, including, but not limited to:

  • JavaScript-driven websites
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • WebAR & WebVR
  • Complex business API's
  • WebGL
  • Artificial Intelligence

As an intern, you will be working on an internship project in a group context with other students under the guidance of our experts. Digital creations are built by the team from the first step of the process (research, design, prototyping). After that the technical execution of the project, followed by the delivery of the product. Each student takes on a role in the team that suits them, or in which they wish to develop.

You will contribute real projects to a professional team for real clients: as a student you will get completely involved in the process of creating digital experiences for our customers. Like this you will get a feeling for what it means to be part of a real team.

Your own ideas, tools, libraries and creativity are more than welcome at Studio Hyperdrive. Do you have a cool idea? We like to help you develop your own ideas and tools during your internship period.

Most internships exist of a mix of the above mentioned, and we strive to create tailor-made internship, based on your interests.

About Studio Hyperdrive

We wield our extensive knowledge of Javascript, HTML & CSS to build digital products of any kind or size. We build anything from websites to chatbots and immersive cross reality experiences. Get a sense of our work here:

See our work

Studio Hyperdrive is specialised in Javascript projects, and we collaborate with other expert companies in, for example, the fields of UI/UX design, ML & AI or salesforce to develop extensive, full circle projects.

About you

You have basic knowledge of Javascript, HTML and CSS.

  • You have experimented with at least one Javascript framework, such as Angular, React and Vue.
  • You know about the node ecosystem (npm) and the basics of Node.js
  • Other technical skills are definitely welcome, so don't hesitate to mention them to us.

Next to the technical requirements we expect you to:

  • You speak fluent Dutch or English
  • You are eager to learn and not afraid to ask questions
  • You can work independently and collectively
  • You are a problem solver
  • You can work independently and collectively

Intern position

Write us a short motivation and we will send you an invitation so we can get to know each other. Please include in your message your preferred internship period and location. Don't forget to tell us about which JavaScript field(s) of interest you would like to develop and what your experience is so far.

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