Batterijen Gezocht

Did you know that an average of 30 used batteries are hiding in every Flemish household? Aid Bebat and Ovam in their quest to find and gather them in our 'Batterijen Gezocht' app! In return, you'll receive a treasury of knowledge about batteries and their recycling process.

Digital Platform
September 2019 - October 2019
Child throwing batteries away

Spreading awareness


On average, 30 used batteries are hiding in every Flemish household. These contain valuable raw materials that can be perfectly recycled and reused, reducing the need to extract new resources from Mother Nature.

Overview of all types of batteries

As the twig is bent


In cooperation with Ovam, Bebat has organized a large-scale awareness campaign to inform Flemish households about the importance of battery recycling. Next to traditional ad campaigns, an app had to be built. That's where Studio Hyperdrive came in.

Selection of different screens of the application

A quest for batteries


The initial briefing was clear: “Make an accessible and fun-to-use mobile app for kids, that clearly conveys our message. Let’s collect as many used batteries as we can!”

Our friends at Little Miss Robot dove right in, bringing forward an exceedingly creative concept. A short quiz transforms the user into a real detective, quested to find all kinds of batteries. These batteries unveil as you discover them, allowing you to customize their playful look. In the process, the app teaches the user about the recycling process of each battery, spreading awareness in a simple but playful manner.

With limited time on our hands, we started working on the app. Following good habits, we reviewed Little Miss Robot’s prototype, resulting in a check-list of necessary assets. During the finalization of these assets, our development strategy was defined.

A rather important step was choosing our stack. When developing iOS and/or Android apps, we tend to move a lot towards React Native as it is a solid go-to option for developing cross-platform mobile apps. Another option would have been NativeScript. In the end, the project’s specific use case made React Native the most suitable option.

Our development process existed of 2-week-long sprints and a bi-weekly status meeting. During said meeting, our developers met up with Bebat to discuss any technical questions. Next to that, a smooth combination of expertises brought our focus towards creating an impeccable flow within the application.

A simple yet effective app, leading Bebat’s awareness campaign to an unconditional success.

Selection of onboarding screens