Visit Antwerp Brandstore Experience

Antwerp on the bucket list? Don't forget to drop by our 'Visit Antwerp' Brandstore, inside the breathtaking central station. Accessible 24/7! A proud collaboration with Once Storytelling.

Digital Experience
April - October 2018
Stad Antwerpen
 Railway station of Antwerp

Easy-going sight-seeing


We've all experienced it... an overwhelming feeling of touching down in a new city, with an undying desire to discover every pitoresque location. Our solution helps Antwerp's tourist explore the captivating parts of the city, highlighting spots you don't want to miss.

Selection of screens

A digital tour guide


Together with our friends at Once, we built a beautiful and intuitive interface, taking over from the visitor center staff in busy times or after a long day of work. In a charming collaboration with Once, we built an intuitive and eye-catching interface for an on-location touchscreen display. Our realisation delivers a 24/7 tour guide, accessible in the visitor center.

People using the interactive screen in the railway station

A touch screen experience for tourists


Firstly, we had to assess the necessities and requirements of the current solutions. As a consequence, we translated the informational process, its content and touristical highlights, into a captivating, digital, on-location experience.

Once created a universally accessible interface, including thrillingly gorgeous illustrations representing Antwerp at its best. Eventually, time came to convert the design into an interactive and engaging experience. Time for us to step in.

Build. Iterate. Test… Yes, we might have ambushed tourists in the process. Iterate. Coffee. Test. Reality check. Iterate. Test… LAUNCH!

Final result? Two large touch screens, an experience that is aesthetically eye-catching, allowing tourists to explore Antwerp freely at their own pace. Succesful city trip guaranteed!

Illustration on the screens