International trade inevitably rhymes with customs, laws, insurances and an abundance of other repetititive, administrative tasks... Customs4trade was determined to speed up and simplify these processes and thus allow their clients to focus on their main objectives, reducing administrative time loss and spenditure.

Data storytelling
July 2017 - September 2019
Containers in the port of Antwerp

Closing the knowledge gap

The briefing

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple, yet troublesome, step. For international trade, administration is one of the top concerns. The project's aim becomes clear: support growth of businesses by relieving them of legislative duties and introducing automation in the industry.

Infographic about the organisation of transportation in the port of Antwerp

Borderless trade with minimal effort

Our solution

Automating customs administration was a key part of our roadmap, with the additional goal of restoring confidence in international trade. The Software-as-a-Service solution helps C4T clients staying compliant with customs legislation on every layer within their business processes.

Data scheme

Co-makership reaching full potential

The process

During the whole period of our intimate but socially distanced collaboration, we were honored to be part of the C4T team! Together with Monkeyshot as UX partner, we had the pleasure of combining our front-end expertise to Customs4trade’s very own back-end skills.

While working hand-in-hand with C4T and Monkeyshot as one team on executive level, there was also room for knowledge sharing and collaboration in regards to the underlying architecture. Working together on-site and remotely, has proven very fruitful and efficient on layers of development.

Our first version of the web tool was built in Angular 2, followed by a gradual upgrade up to Angular 8 along the way. By progressively but systematically upgrading our framework, we created solid foundations to scale up and improve the tool with more features such as KPI insights tools, declaration process automation tools, data consolidation and masterdata management for plants and companies.

The way of working was very structured, where goals were set and sprints planned accordingly. Enough time was foreseen for demo’s and retro’s. Just how we like it :) All in all, we look back at this project proudly as a very successful collaboration, in terms of technical knowledge sharing but also business development and communication.