An innovative yet authentic digital experience, topped with flavour-filled, fresh gelato. Together with Leap Forward, we mixed the best of both world developing an amazing project for GROM. Go ahead, treat yourself and get blown away.

Digital Experience
March - June 2018
GROM (Unilever)

A unique philosophy


GROM's desire was to share their unique philosophy and manufacturing process with the rest of the world. Our challenge was to find the ideal mix between innovation and authenticity.

Innovation & authenticity


The key part of our solution was translating GROM's identity into a innovative digital experience, both online and in their flagship store on Picadilly Circus, in the heart of London. Fresh, smooth and authentic were our keywords and our final solution aligned perfectly with these principles.

Augmenting the GROM experience


After framing the concept and arranging the details with our buddies at Leap Forward, our master plan aimed to develop a full-blown digital experience within the store and on the website.

At the core of the web application, lies an interactive 3D visual displaying each slice of GROM’s gelato manufacturing process. An inventive implementation of web-based augmented reality allows the user to explore the secrets of GROM’s perfect gelato. This AR experience is also available in-store.

For an innovative project like GROM, selecting the most fitting technology stack is essential. The web application was built with the Vue.js front-end framework, displaying 3D visuals with Three.js and WebGL.

We ventured into WebAR to bring augmented reality to the browser, while a gentle dive by Leap Forward into Swift resulted in the in-store AR experience.

When it comes to the back-end of the application, Node.js played a significant role. Additionally, Strapi was the perfect candidate to build the underlying CMS.

An smooth, agile-driven collaboration with Leap Forward and GROM, combined with a substantial amount of gelato brought us the ideal solution.