A port call resembles closely to an F1 pitstop. A very short time to perform a wide range of sequential checks. Processes alike require meticulous planning, and that is where our solution comes in. Meet Qronoport!

Digital Platform
September 2019 - January 2020
Container ship

Automating port calls


Annually, approximately 5500 liquid cargo ships dock at the Port of Antwerp, transporting around 76 million tonnes of chemicals. This procedure has to be done safely and as swiftly as possible aiming to reduce idle time, unnecessary financial expenditure and avoidable environmental impact.

Illustration of sailor

One source of digital truth


Together with Port+, NxtPort and District01, the platform was brought into existence. Qronoport's aim is making port calls extremely efficient by centralising data from various sources. Its well-designed interface visualises planned, on-going and finalised activities regarding vessels at the port, in real-time.

Preview of the application

Visualising the process


Placing data into a visual context, such as a map or graph, simply makes it easier to understand. By using a timeline and map to represent the ship and its status, we want to help the Qronoport stakeholders detecting patterns and trends in their processes.

Little Miss Robot took care of the look and feel and offered us a clean design with a unique, illustrative touch. Our other partner-in-crime District01, delivered a robust REST API while NxtPort provided real-time data for us to display.

We immersed ourselves in the deep data ocean and spent two days at the beautiful NxtPort offices, testing all integrations and API endpoints. The final solution uses a healthy mix of open data sources, Port+ data, machine learning algorithms and data tapped directly from participating companies.

Regarding our front-end app, React was the preferred option for this specific case. We also picked Akita to facilitate the data flow in the application. In turn, the Tailwind framework had, next to its very fitting name, all we needed to add effects and micro-animations in a quick but beatiful manner, pushing the platform into its final form.

Application preview