Recycle! App

We are very proud to walk you through the evolution and remodelling of the Recycle! App, an all-encompassing solution to encourage responsible waste disposal. Be kind to mother nature!

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since 2018
BEBAT / Fost Plus
Throwing a plastic bottle in a trash bin

Recycling for tomorrow


After multiple successful years in the App Store, the Recycle! app needed a reboot... an ambitious reinvention of the previous version, brought to life in industry-standard technologies.

Illustration of the onboarding of the app

Step-by-step (r)evolution


Our first priority was delivering essential features to our end-users in a simple yet effective manner, through a new mobile app built on React Native. Outside of the consumers' view, we delivered a state-of-the-art custom content management system, while completely redesigning and implementing the underlying technical architecture.

Preview of the app

Innovative and future-proof realisation


Initially, our adventure began with intensive workshop sessions, guided by Leap Forward. To bring forward an ideal solution, we had to understand waste collection, recycling and the fundamental issues within said industry.

The complexity of the project was connected to how the different institutions cooperate within the waste collection industry in Belgium. Hence one of the core behind-the-scenes features is centralising data from a plethora of sources, and delivering this to our end-user in a simple yet effective manner.

While the designers were converting their vision into wireframes and a final design, our developers defined the stack that would run under the hood of the mobile app, React Native. The complementary custom CMS would have Angular at its core, while the API behind both front-end solutions, would be built with Node.js.

In a short timeframe, we had rolled out a first solution that brought the most essential features in a well-designed, captivating mobile app.

Several challenges arose on the horizon. While building the back-end solution, the external services we had to deal with had a significant amount of legacy. Careful measures to juggle between a broad range of different infrastructures without losing stability, that was the road to success.

All our pre-planned measures have ensured that the current Recycle! app’s stability and potential longevity has skyrocketed, and so has the app’s userbase.

Recycle! is not showing any signs of stopping as brand-new features are being released on a regular basis, both in the mobile app and in the surrounding realisations. As an example, the precious centralised data willl become open-source, allowing it to be used in many innovative and creative ways.

Preview of the app